Ever wanted to make your own intimate film for your own enjoyment?

Feel that some visual stimulus would enhance your love life?

Want a professional team of film makers to come in and do your costuming, makeup and film photography and editing?

Especially suitable for couples or people who would like to focus on each other as their visual stimulus, or for use while each of you is apart. The perfect gift for both of you.

Varying themes, including cosplay, medieval, fantasy, BDSM and sci-fi.

Get professional makeup, set design, costuming and hair in the comfort of your own home, and discreet direction from compassionate, discreet, sensitive and professional film makers.

Your strictest privacy and confidentiality is assured, and you can opt to have the director and director’s assistant in with you or to direct remotely in another room to ensure your total comfort and an extra level of privacy whilst still being able to have your intimate film professionally directed.

Call now on 0422 845 275 to book your Couples Intimate Photography Session.